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The astonishing life of Elsie Bowerman

She was rescued from the Titanic; caught up in the Russian Revolution; demonstrated with the suffragettes, drove ambulances during WW1, became the first woman barrister ever to speak at the Old Bailey, and almost in passing, founded the WVS. Even though she has never to my knowledge appeared on I’m a Celebrity, Get me out […]

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More unsung heroines of WW1

These are wonderful women, all of them – and we should be celebrating them as loudly as we can. They give our daughters and granddaughters role models of rather more use than the empty celebrities they are encouraged to adore.

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The Other Heroines of WW1

Edith Cavell was just one of a large number of professional women who, using their medical training and expertise to aid the soldiers caught up in the conflict, pushed forward the emancipation of women in medicine.

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